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Welcome to the web site of Latitude and Longitude

Latitude and Longitude is a project taking place during the International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009).

Latitude and Longitude encourages astronomy groups (clubs, schools, even individuals) to contact at least one other astronomy group on approximately the same latitude and one more on approximately the same longitude and plan projects to do together. The resulting grid will link clubs and groups around the world.

We all live on the crossroads of a latitude and longitude, but look at the difference it makes to move along the lines that run through our home. At latitude 40° north you could be living in Vancouver, Canada; Madrid, Spain; Bursa, Turkey, Beijing, China, Yerevan, Armenia or Columbus in the USA. At longitude 7° east you could be living in Cologne, Germany; Bern, Switzerland or Abuja in Nigeria.

You might be watching the sun rise while someone else on the same latitude is watching it set. Or you might be observing M42 in Orion in the cold of the northern hemisphere’s winter while someone else, in the heat of the summer in the southern hemisphere, sees Orion standing on his head.

Latitude and Longitude encourages people in different parts of the world to cooperate on astronomy-based projects and share their differences. “it’s our differences that make us strong”

Your group and another on the same latitude might follow a variable star for 24 hours and share the results. Or you might repeat the work of Eratosthenes and and calculate the circumference of the Earth with a group on the same longitude. You might create your own project – be creative and original!